Press Reviews

All in all, a brilliant family show, a perfect day out with entire family and a way to make happy memories in little ones lives.
We recommend it! If there is one show you would like to see this year, make it this one and you would not regret! Mumsnet Greenwich → Read the full review
My particular highlight of the show was actually when Princess Holly, Nanny Plum, Lucy and Ben Elf flew through the night back to the Little Kingdom. I ♥ Motherhood → Read the full review
...a basic, bright, loud and colourful show that the kids absolutely loved Theatre, Books and Movies → Read the full review
...the girls sat gripped all the way through. I just get pleasure watching their little faces light up and seeing them interact with the show. Mari's World → Read the full review
There were lots of songs for the children to sing along too and plenty of magic... Chantry Primary Academy → Read the full review
it's a fun, happy show with a bright and colourful set which is faithful to how it looks on the telly which immediately gets a child's attention... childplays → Read the full review
Lovely, wonderful, beautiful. I liked the jelly flood. I want to go again Missing Sleep → Read the full review
The story moved quickly which kept the children's attention, they were involved throughout the story... Family Four Fun → Read the full review
Whatever grown-ups may think, all of the children - boys and girls included - were clearly entranced with the show. All In London → Read the full review
There was much audience participation, enjoyed by both young and not so young alike... Ann Bawtree, The Public Reviews → Read the full review
If Peppa is Buffy then this is Angel, cooler and funkier. Dawn of the Dad → Read the full review
I rate this show 5 stars out of 5. I would highly recommend the show to anyone, especially all Ben and Holly fans. Eileen, ET Speaks From Home → Read the full review
The show is full of colour, vibrancy and singing and dancing. All the ingredients for an afternoon of fun and entrancement! Rebecca Hay, The Clitheroe Advertiser and Times → Read the full review
The theatre was filled with excitement as tiny tots watched their favourite animated tv programme come to life before their eyes. Julia Bennett, Blackpool The Gazette → Read the full review
The humour of Nanny Plum makes this an entertaining show for the adults as well as the children! Mummy Fever → Read the full review manages to capture the children's imaginations and transport them to the Little Kingdom. Jon Ball, The Star → Read the full review
And not only did the kids enjoyed it, the adults did too! This Is Life → Read the full review